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JIANGSU TSINGSHAN STEEL CO., LTD. is a leading private steel products manufacturer. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification. Our products include Stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, carbon steel plate, carbon steel coil, galvanized plate, galvanized tube, color coated plate, alloy plate, pressure vessel plate, wear-resisting plate, etc., according to the American ASTM standard, Japanese JIS standard, German DIN standard, British BS standard and other standards.

Our company is a professional production of steel plate and tube enterprises, with cold rolling hot rolling and other production lines. Such as heat treatment chemical analysis, metal halide testing, physical testing, nondestructive testing and other testing equipment and testing technology,imported foreign physical and chemical testing equipment full spectrum direct reading spectrometer, can quickly and accurately chemical analysis of all kinds of metal materials. The company has sufficient inventory and complete varieties and specifications.

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Our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Greece, Czech Republic. Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Argentina and other.Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and other,Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, UAE and other, Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Guinea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, South Africa, etc. Australia: Australia, etc.. JIANGSU TSINGSHAN STEEL CO., LTD. has the ability to meet the customized needs of steel products according to different size and quality requirements.


Pre-Sale Service

Our professional sales team provides services for customized customers, and provides you with any consultation, questions, plans and requirements 24 hours a day.

Assist customers in market analysis, find demand, and accurately locate market targets.

Professional R&D talents cooperate with different institutions to research customized demand.

Free samples.

Sale Service

It meets customer requirements and reaches international standards after a variety of tests such as stability test.

Choose the stability raw materials suppliers in China.

Ten quality inspectors originally cross-checked, strictly control the production process, and eliminate defective products from the source.

Tested by TUV, SGS or a third party designated by the customer.

Assurance the leading time on time.


After-Sales Service

Provide documents, including analysis/qualification certificate, insurance, country of origin, etc.

Ensure that the qualified rate of products meets customer requirements.

Solve the complaint positively and cooperate customers to solve problems.